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У нас вы можете скачать книгу samsung scx-4824 инструкция по разборке в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

Если нужно просто заправить картридж, не вычищая при этом бункер отработанного тонера, то для этого нужно снять боковую крышку картриджа, открутив три винта показанных стрелками на рисунке. Именно под этой крышкой находится отверстие для засыпки тонера. Далее плоской отверткой необходимо осторожно, не повредив, убрать пробку и засыпать тонер годится Samsung ML ; затем закрыть бункер с тонером, вставив пробку на место и собрать картридж в обратном порядке.

Однако, для того чтобы в дальнейшем не было проблем с вашим картриджем, все-таки бункер отработки надо вычищать. Для этого нужно сначала снять аналогичным образом противоположную боковую крышку картриджа, снять верхнюю крышку картриджа она крепится на защелках ,.

Затем надо располовинить картридж и тщательнейшим образом, удалить старый тонер из бункера отработанного тонера. Лучше всего специальным тонерным пылесосом. Далее нужно осторожно очистить валик заряда и фотобарабан, не повредив и не поцарапав их при этом.

Процесс прошивки очень прост: Всё, теперь ваш аппарат будет работать, не требуя замены дорогостоящего картриджа. If the paper does not come out with the duplex unit, remove the paper from the bottom of the machine. Close the rear cover. Pull the optional tray open. Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling the paper straight up and out.

Insert the trays back into the machine. These menus can be accessed by pressing Menu. Refer to the following diagram. Menus available in Fax, Copy, or Scan mode vary. To exit the menu, press the Back button repeatedly, or the Stop button.

Note - If you want to set the basic menu items, please consult the user guide. If not, the function operates abnormally Service Manual Samsung Electronics If the printed image is different to the image, the CCD is defect. When you test CCD, make sure that the cover is closed. Use this list to check for send and receive errors. Check the server settings and the failed.

Data Read Fail Time expired while reading data. Not Assigned The speed button or speed dial Enter the number manually using the number you tried to use has no number keypad or store the number or number assigned to it. Change to the available server. Do not turn the power off when this Please Wait Changes may when you back up a data.

Partly depression or Replace the transfer roller if deformation on the surface of occurred as No. If the problems are not solved, substances are on the OPC Drum.

Partly depression or Replace the transfer roller if deformation on the surface of the occured as NO. Clean the inside of the set against the paper particles and foreign matter in order not to cause the trouble. Clean up the contaminated between the high voltage terminal in area by the toner. Abnormal output problems are not solved by the above four instructions.

Clean the high voltage charge on due to the bad contacts between terminal. The life of the Toner cartridge shake the toner cartridge. The toner level is not even on Replace the toner cartridge and the toner cartridge roller due to the try to print out. Clean the bushing part of the 4. Is the movement Up and Down transfer roller. If the problem is still not solved, replace the toner cartridge. Gently shake the toner cartridge. The life of toner cartridge is expired. If not solved by the direction 3, 4.

Transfer roller lifetime 50K sheets check the transfer roller lifetime has expired. Abnormal low temperature before using printer.

Occur in the toner cartridge, 6. Damaged cleaning blade in the replace the toner cartridge and toner cartridge. Digital Printer Digital Printer Disassemble the fuser and remove the contaminated toner particles on The temperature of the fuser is the roller and clean the foreign maintained high. If the transfer roller is contaminated, run PC Cleaning contaminated, stains on the face of Mode Print 2 or 3 times. And perform Self-Test 2 or 3 times to remove contamination.

Replace the transfer roller if contaminated severely. Disassemble the fuser and clean 2. Pressure roller is contaminated. And check the Thermistor. If contaminated, clean the area not to be deformed.

Digital Printer Digital Printer 1. Remove contamination of the terminals of the toner cartridge and the unit. EDC Mode to check if the Solenoid is normal. If not solved by the above directions , Replace the engine board. Turn the power off, delete the data of PC and try printing again.

Printing begins at wrong position on the paper. If the paper feeds into the printer and Jam 0 occurs, perform EDC Mode to check feed-sensor of the engine board. Replace the Main PBA. Clean the surface of the pressure roller with dry gauze. Paper is accordion in the fuser. A case that a paper jam occurs on B after it is reversed: Clean the pad friction with soft 3.

Pad-Friction is contaminated cloth dampened with IPA with foreign matter. Use the smooth paper. The face of paper is blended. Clean the surface of the heat roller with IPA or water 3.

Check the warp or separation of the print claw and the holder plate claw, and then manage it. Paper is too much thin. Remove the paper while turning 2. The face of paper is curled. Clean fingerprints on the OPC softly with soft cloth dampened with tissue. Check whether the overheat mode circuit operates normally or not. It could not operate Replace the fuser. Replace a main board if the same error occurs again after replacing motor is rotating or not.

The motor breaks away from its place due to gear melting away. Paper empty error message is displayed on LCD when paper is loaded in the cassette. Bending or deformation Replace the defective actuator. Paper empty error message does not display when the paper cassette is empty. The function of the Replace the engine board. Guide rear if defective. Check the insertion of the 2. Check the connector and circuit of the cover switch department 2.

Replace the Main Control in the Main Control board. The Error LED does not come on even when the printer cover is open 1. Check the insertion of the 1.

Check if the power input or SMPS. Check the inferiority 1. Replace the control board. Replace the OP panel. When printing, vertical line gets curved. Chect the Deve PBA 2. Check if the printer cable is If the scanner needs to be connected to the directly connected to peripheral devices printer, first the remove the scanner from the PC to see if the printer is properly working alone. If not solved, double-click the printer in my computer If the regular fonts are not printed this time again.

Delete the unnecessary files to secure The printing job sometimes stops or due enough space of the hard disk and start to insufficient virtual memory, but it actually printing job again. If you intend to delete the current document being printed, the data being transferred to the printer will be put out and then the document is removed.

Before choosing the document, the menu is still inactive. Check the connection of Check the Speaker connection, and try to replace it. Check the connection of in sequence. Product supports the MF type only. Check if the telephone line connected to the Product is contaminated or gets stripped off or down. Ask to the forwarding Check if the FAX status of the side, check the image quality of another forwarding side is also normal.

The phone is ringing continuously, but it cannot receive. After checking the data of the Check the FAX status of the forwarding side, correct the forwarding side. FAX of the forwarding side. MODE, reset it to the 1. Check the Scan-Cover open. Remake shading profile in the 2. Replace U60 if it is defective.

White page is printed out when Copy. Check the CIS harness contact. If any driver is defective, replace it. Connection PBA U, 19 or 2. Remake shading profile in the 1. The gap above 0. Check the gap between cause a blurred image. If copy function works, replace the Main PBA. If the resolution is set to low, let 2.

Check if the resolution is the user be acquainted with the set too low in PC Scan options. ExplodedView and Parts Thumbnail 5.

Frame Parts List SA: ExplodedView and Parts 5. For general home use, small type. For general home use, for medical service. The life of the toner cartridge and the printing speed are measured using the pattern shown below. Page of Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Table Of Contents Contents chapter 1 Precautions 1. Table Of Contents Contents 3.