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The exposition is accompanied by ceaseless eighth-note triplets. The first theme is based on three staccato quarter note chords. A transitional passage leads to a more lyrical but still agitated theme in C minor. The chords of the first theme return to close the exposition. Where the development would be expected to start, there is a completely new theme in A flat, with the first respite from the eighth-note triplets.

This is followed by an extended retransition based on alternating motives from the first theme and the "development" theme. The recapitulation presents the first and second themes in F minor. There is no coda, only a fortissimo descending arpeggio—in eighth-note triplets -- to conclude the piece. Though this sonata is obviously an early piece, it still sounds very much like Beethoven in its driving rhythms, muscularity and overall sonic world. It is a fairly serious piece, too, but does not contain much that anyone would assess as profound or innovative.

Still, it is a strong composition, even though it shows outside influences: Beethoven was still evolving his style at this point in his career and had not yet even written an important work for orchestra.

For whatever flaws one might point out in this composition, it nevertheless fully deserves to be in the company of the other sonatas comprising the mighty canon of Beethoven dedicated this sonata to composer Joseph Haydn. A typical performance of it lasts from 16 to 20 minutes. The first movement begins with a bouncy theme that hints at seriousness but remains rather bright and energetic. It must be noted that it seems to have been lifted from the finale of the Mozart Symphony No.

Two more themes appear, the former a bit more serious and darker. The development section turns more intense, focusing on the drive and darker aspects of the thematic material.

Ultimately this Allegretto con brio is solidly constructed, if unadventurous, and its thematic similarity to the Mozart Symphony serves in the end to illustrate the quite different ways the two composers treated the same material.

The melody is serenely joyful in its pristine Classicism, and while it is rather simple and direct, it is also effective in capturing a mood of ecstasy and bliss. The Menuetto third movement Allegretto is robust and not intended to sound danceable. It is full of color and features an attractive trio, after which the main material is reprised. The finale Prestissimo may be the most Beethovenian movement here. It begins with a manic rush of energy, the theme seemingly in frantic pursuit of something elusive.

The alternate subject is playful and comparatively dainty, featuring upper register sonorities that could hardly offer greater contrast. Слушать Скачать На гудок Бетховен. Соната для фортепиано 20 G-dur - Исп. Бетховен - Соната для фортепиано 1 фа-минор часть 1. Слушать Скачать На гудок Л. Бетховен - Соната для фортепиано 23 f-moll Аппассионата 2 часть. Бетховен - Соната для фортепиано 14 до-диез минор часть 3.

Бетховен Михаил Плетнев - фортепиано - Соната для фортепиано No. Бетховен Михаил Плетнев - фортепиано - Соната для фортепиано 32 до минор Arietta. Adagio molto semplice e cantabile. Соната для фортепиано 1 фа минор ор. Соната для фортепиано 23 Аппассионата фа минор Оp. I - Allegro assai. II - Andante con moto - attaca. Бетховен - Соната для фортепиано N17 d-moll 3-я часть. Прокофьев Николай Петров фортепиано - Соната для фортепиано 4, c-moll, часть 1, Allegro molto sostenuto.

Рихтер - Соната для фортепиано 19 соль минор, op. Слушать Скачать На гудок Бетховен - Соната для фортепиано 17 d-moll, op. Бетховен Михаил Плетнев - фортепиано - Соната для фортепиано 32 до минор Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato. Соната для фортепиано 22 Фа мажор Оp. Соната для фортепиано 3 До мажор op. Соната для фортепиано 9 Ми мажор op. I - In tempo d un Menuetto. Соната для фортепиано 12 Ля-бемоль мажор op.

I - Andante Con Varizioni. I - Allegro Con Brio. II - Scherzo Allegro Molto. IV - Allegro Assai. Бетховен - Соната для фортепиано 23 f-moll Аппассионата 3 часть.

Бетховен Соната для фортепиано 14 Лунная - Часть I. Соната для фортепиано 14 до-диез минор Лунная , 1 часть.